green notebook complex

Thank you forever Allie. I love you.

Thank you forever Allie. I love you.

Today is my 22nd birthdayРand I have no fucking clue who I am.

a year ago today I made a promise to myself. 365 journal entries in 365 days. This morning I said goodbye to that journal with a cup of black coffee and a kiss.

“21–how the hell did I get here?”¬†great question past Elizabeth, great. freaking. question. A year later, I am wondering the same damn thing.

It feels like I woke up one morning in a brand new house. This house is expansive, terrifying, and living in it has been the biggest challenge of my life. Day by day I am finding the keys to unlock the rooms- to figure out who the hell I have become. Someday I will have the answers. I will have the keys. For now, I have myself, and this blog.