Last weekend I heard Anne Bogart speak at Humana Festival. It was basically a rock concert for theatre people and in her hour long tour de inspiration, she hit us with a few perfect one-liners.

Revelations in small rooms make bigger rooms possible.

Try finishing your sentences and you will find how powerful it is to do that.

You need three things- technique, passion, and something to say.

Perhaps the most influential moment is when she charged us all to “be articulate in the face of insecurity”. Well Anne- here I am. From now on, I refuse to use weak words to describe what I do- I am too smart to be lazy. I refuse to waste my education by being lukewarm. One month from today I will put on my ill-fitting green trash bag, sit in the hot sun for three hours, and try not to trip on the long walk to the diploma hander-outer man. BOOM. I will have an actual, real life degree in theatre.

With no plan, no boyfriend, and no fears, I am going to make this happen. I am going to become a theatre artist.


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