The Littlest Things.

December 1.  It has been nearly seven months since my last post. Considered deleting everything and starting fresh, but that felt like lying to myself, something I desperately try to avoid. Rereading the early posts is like peeking into someone else’s journal.  I can hardly read the furious scribbles and half finished embarrassing sentences.

My senior year, for so many reasons and none at all, was the hardest of my life. I now realize that I only got through it with the help of a few very special humans-smooches to you all for holding me together. Day by day things are improving and I find solace in the shiny little moments that make up my quiet life.

Waking up early this morning for A Christmas Carol with the snow falling and the coffee brewing brought me so much joy. How lucky I am to spend


The Master Schedule

my days playing pretend? I go to work to tell the most beautiful story about redemption during my favorite time of the year. I especially love sharing it with young people- student matinees make for wonderful talk backs. Today, a little one in the back row asked us if being an actor is fun… yes, my love, it is.

To further the merriment of the season, I am going to be completing “25 Days of Baking” and I couldn’t be more excited to share. Each week I will be posting pictures and favorite recipes. Stay tuned for much more to come.  I hope this brings you all as much cheer as it does for me!


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